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12 Myths About Independent Contractors Debunked by DOL [Infographic]

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is an incredibly serious problem our country is facing right now. While some companies do this maliciously because they hope to save money and get a leg up on the competition, many are simply mistaken about which classification is correct. This problem is only made worse by many of the common myths about independent contractors out there.

Regardless of intent, however, misclassifying employees as independent contractors is likely to get you in hot water with the government and bring serious penalties. This can be especially harmful to small businesses, who are unlikely to to have much breathing room in their budget to account for substantial fines. 

This is why it is so important to know the realities of the independent contractor classification, and when it is actually correct to use. Fortunately, the United States Department of Labor has identified some of the most common of these myths and provided information to debunk them. We have taken this information and turned it into an infographic so that you can quickly see these common myths about independent contractors, and separate fact from fiction.  

12 Myths About Independent Contractors Debunked

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