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2016 ACA Fact Sheet and ACA Implementation Timeline [PDF Download]

Wood desk with a not pad, marker cup, tape dispenser, scissors, pen and post it notes and a title - 2016 ACA Fact Sheet and Timeline [DOWNLOAD]

We’ve created two free PDF downloads: ACA Fact Sheet and ACA Implementation Timeline. You can print and hang these in your office for easy reference. No health care jargon here, just the information you need to make 2016 a success. 

ACA Fact Sheet

First, we have an ACA Fact Sheet outlining your biggest ACA topics going into 2016. We’ve provided a few brief descriptions and definitions to help you navigate any ACA roadblock you might encounter. This resource includes:

  • Reporting Requirements
  • The Employer Mandate
  • What is an ALE?
  • What is an FTE?

ACA Timeline

Next, we created an implementation timeline to help you and your employees remember exactly what provisions begin when and when your reports are due. The timeline covers:

  • Health Care Choice Compact Provision
  • Tax on High-Cost Insurance Provision
  • All Reporting Deadlines

We understand the struggles you’re dealing with regarding the Affordable Care Act in 2016. That’s why we created these resources, to help business owners and HR professionals. We hope these have been helpful to you and your staff.

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