Employee Leave Confusion: ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Create the Bermuda Triangle of Employment Law (INFOGRAPHIC)

ADA, FMLA  and Workers’ Compensation leave policies can interact and overlap, creating a variety of headaches for an organization.  Depending on the number of employees in your company, you could be dealing with one, two or even all three at the same time.  This is why many businesses and their HR professionals consider these three major federal leave laws the Bermuda Triangle of employment law.  If you have ever dealt with the intersection of ADA, FMLA or Workers’ Compensation employee leave, you know that it’s not hard to get lost and confused with all of the regulation, time frame, record-keeping and tracking requirements.

The decisions you make regarding employee leave under ADA, FMLA or workers’ compensation laws might have more interplay than you’ve ever realized.

The infographic below is a useful tool to help you understand if and how these leave policies will affect you and provide a compass for navigating through the requirements.

Download the full infographic HERE

Piece of paper with the Bermuda Triangle Of Leave Infographic

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