Employee Assistance Program: Private, Free, Aware?

If your company offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit, do your employees and supervisors know what the benefit entails?     EAP services have grown and become more robust over recent years.   Often the EAP benefit is associated solely with the services for personal crisis including substance abuse, depression, and grief counseling.  While the EAP does offer those services, it also provides other services including programs and webinars on various wellbeing topics, financial and legal resources, tips for emergency preparedness, locating childcare and eldercare services, discounts on gym memberships, home buying programs, identity theft, mobile app resources, and much more.

EAP resources have the potential to make a significant impact on absenteeism, workplace engagement, reduction in harmful job stress, and an overall increase in employee wellbeing, all significant issues that can affect the strength of its workforce and its business. Cascade Centers, the Employers Resource EAP vendor, conducted a recent study on the effect the EAP program had on these critical areas. Of course, this impact can only occur if the benefit is being utilized.


Footnote:  In a recent study conducted by Cascade, data was collected both Pre and Post EAP intervention (approximately 90 days later) on a random sample of 1302 employees (not including dependents) to make up a book of business report. The results showed statistically significant improvement in absenteeism, presenteeism, and Life Satisfaction. There improvements in work distress and work engagement as well.

Employee and management awareness of the EAP benefit, when and how to use it are hurdles to utilization. However, it is also addressing concerns of confidentiality and stigmatism in utilizing these services.

How are benefits accessed?

Once employees are aware an EAP is offered and know what the EAP is, the next question is how does the employee access the benefits? Employees can call, go online, or with the Cascade Center, access the service app on their phones. Make it easy for employees by having the phone number and employee login information readily available on the company bulletin board and in the employee handbook. EAP vendors offer free flyers, posters and other forms of communications to help provide awareness.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the specific EAP benefit from Employers Resource, you can access the information on our website: //employersresource.com/peo-client/employee-assistance-program/ or reach out to your Client Services Specialist for specific information on accessing this benefit. If you would like help strategizing on how to increase communication about this benefit within your organization, please reach out to your Client Services specialist today.

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