They’re Top of the Line


A regional leader in the repair and servicing of personal watercraft, with more than 25 years of experience in the marine industry.

The Challenge

Our client had worked with PEO’s for more than 20 years, but had never found a good solution to “minimizing” the risks associated with Workers’ Compensation insurance and claims. “We’re very conscientious about the safety of our employees,” stated Barbie, and always promote a safe work environment. “However, in our line of work the occasional accident does happen.” Unfortunately, she said, “they’re normally followed by significant rate increase…”

The Solution

Employers Resource offers a risk management and safety program which is second to none in the PEO industry. Our local safety manager arranged to visit the client’s place of business to complete a thorough inspection and safety audit. The result was the development of a safety plan designed to reduce or eliminate future employee accidents and the resultant premium increases and labor loss.

The Benefit

Barbie goes on to say that in addition to the safety audit, she thinks that our accident reimbursement plan is a valuable first dollar benefit for her employees, as well as an additional layer of protection against unnecessary workers compensation claims. Finally, she adds that the Employers Resource employee on-boarding process was more efficient than she has experienced with any of the PEOs she has worked with over the years. “It was great to have their experts come to us and explain to our employees all of the benefits they would have available to them.”