Safety Program Saves the Contract!


A leading provider of rooftop grease containment products and kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

The Challenge

In 2006, our client won a contract with the Kennedy Space Center to clean kitchen exhaust vents. As part of the contract, the Center required a review of our client’s safety program. However, after examining the program, it was determined that it didn’t meet the Center’s federal safety guidelines, jeopardizing the newly-won contract.

The Solution

Employers Resource sent a Regional Loss Control Manager to the Kennedy Space Center to meet with their safety director. Upon determining the Center’s requirements, he devised a safety plan wich allowed our client to exceed the federal standards and retain the contract.

The Benefit

John C., our client’s President, said the potential cost of compliance could have been very painful. “The response by Employers Resource provided peace of mind that we have an organization we can turn to and rely on. We didn’t have to jump through any hoops. We just called them up, and they took care of it for us.”