National PEO Strength, Local PEO Service


An award winning environmental architectural design firm, located in the southern United States.

The Challenge

Prior to signing on with Employers Resource in early 2011, our client worked with one of the nation’s mammoth PEO’s, where simple service often took multiple phone calls to different people, located in various call centers. “The people we talked to either didn’t know, or weren’t really interested in listening to us,” Philip recalls. Unfortunately, they were never completely sure that payroll issues were going to be fixed on time – or at all…

The Solution

Employers Resource assigned a single, local client service manager, who took the time to sit down and really listen to Philip’s experiences with our competition. Additionally, we assigned a single, local payroll specialist, ensuring that if there ever is an issue, one call will resolve it quickly and efficiently.

The Benefit

Philip went out of his way to express how happy he was with our simple processes and personalized touch. Additionally, he went on to say that our invoices were easy to read, and for the first time, he could see the actual cost of doing business!