Employment Law Compliance Saves Fees and Reputation


A leading commercial refrigeration and food service equipment company, serving the southwestern United States.

The Challenge

In late 2008, an individual filed a charge of employment discrimination against our client. After being contacted by a mediator on behalf of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the company president was anxious and worried about the charges and what a legal dispute would mean for his small business.

The Solution

Employers Resource contacted the company president, to go through the complaint with him in detail. Preparation for the meeting with the mediator included detailed discussions about federal and state employment law, as well as preparing Richard for any questions the EEOC might raise.

The Benefit

The potential cost of compliance in terms of legal assistance would have been overwhelming to this small business. Richard said, “We just called Employers Resource, and they prepared us for our meeting with the EEOC as part of their regular service. After we met with the mediator, the charges were dropped – and there were no attorney fees!”