Accident Reimbursement Arrangement Comes Through!


This individual works for an international client that manufactures amplifiers, sub-woofers, speakers, automotive audio visual systems, security systems, head units and processors.

The Challenge

In 2009, the co-employee was traveling when he was involved in a head-on auto accident. His hand was injured in the accident, and he required the services of a hand specialist, orthopedic physician when he returned home.

The Solution

Employers Resource contacted the co-employee and not only found him a specialist in his area, but reminded him about his Accident Reimbursement Arrangement, which covered $1,000 towards his recovery, with no deductible or network requirements.

The Benefit

Todd C., our client’s employee, was extremely pleased with the way Employers Resource worked for him, simply saying “awesome, as usual.”
The self-funded medical plans offered through Employers Resource Benefit Trust (and sponsored by Employers Resource) are not insurance and do not participate in any state guarantee association.