What’s on the Fed’s Radar? Manage Your Compliance Risk [PREZI]

Black radar screen with green radar

Most small business owners don’t have a team behind them to minimize compliance risk and inform you of new laws or regulations. It’s difficult to stay in-the-know without helpful resources. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve created for you today. Check out our presentation “What’s on the Fed’s Radar?” Three things business owners should know.  

3 Things on the Fed’s Radar

  1. Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Classification
  2. Disciplinary Processes
  3. 1099s and W-2s

One of our in-house experts, Nina Clarkson, used her knowledge of compliance and federal regulations to put together this useful presentation for small business owners. It covers 3 big things business owners should know are on the Fed’s radar right now. For an in-depth look at these 3 things, click through the prezi below.

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