Have You Stepped in “Entremanure”?


An innocent new business owner skips enthusiastically through the green pastures of entrepreneurship. Humming “Happy” by Pharrell, his dream of being a business owner has finally been realized. Then he looks down to discover that he’s stepped in a steaming pile of disgusting filth. Unsure exactly what this filth is, he does not want this small setback to ruin his bliss.  He quickly wipes his shoes off in the long, green grass and continues skipping along. But as much as he tries to ignore it, the stench follows him. He begins to worry and becomes constantly paranoid about stepping in another pile and cleaning up another mess. His skip is now a slow walk, and instead of his eyes on the horizon they are busy scanning the ground to avoid stepping in another pile.

He is a victim of Entremanure.

The enjoyment of running a business can be cheapened by constant worry of stepping in more Entremanure. Or maybe there are so many piles of Entremanure around you that the whole day is spent cleaning them up or carefully navigating around them. As an entrepreneur, you enjoy all kinds of freedoms and benefits by being your own boss. Then you step in something — you look down — and your shoes are covered in Entremanure. You find yourself thinking …

  • “I just wish I could keep doing the things that I loved to do at the beginning.”
  • “I wish I could keep running toward my goals without being slowed down by all the details.”
  • “I wish I didn’t have to worry about avoiding compliance landmines everywhere I turn.”
  • “I love what I do, but these workers’ comp claims are killing me.”
  • “I thought I would love having employees, but I didn’t realize how much work it involves.”

What is Entremanure?

Entremanure is a pile of smelly details that keep entrepreneurs from living the way they want to live. Entremanure makes owning a business less enjoyable.  It is the tasks you dread or tend to avoid, an unexpected bump in the entrepreneurial road,  a headache that always shows up at the wrong time. It’s the part of your business that causes your palms to sweat just thinking about it.

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Entremanure is most often discovered as a business owner begins to have employees, but it can be anything that keeps you from being a business owner and turns you into a manager of employees. Paperwork piles high. Payroll spins out of control. Workers’ comp and state unemployment need to be handled. Taxes already!? On top of trying to keep your workplace safe and minimize risk you have to try and find the time to maximize your profits.  When you become an employer, your green pasture can become littered with these landmines quite quickly.

entremanure 2How To Get Rid of Entremanure

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to slow down to a walk and you can get rid of that smell! You can focus on your core business again without having to deal with employee-related details. Allow someone to help you navigate around the entremanure before you step in it. Quick growth can be positive with an HR partner that allows you to grow easily and quickly. HR experts can help you navigate health care reform. You can spend your day knocking out the to do’s that you enjoy and do best. Live a less stressful life focused on growing your business, not that growing pile of paperwork.

We have been keeping business owners’ boots clean for almost 30 years.

A PEO takes care of all the dirty details that most business employers loathe. Here’s a brief list of the type of entremanure that a PEO helps you avoid:

  • HR management
  • Complete payroll and tax administration and processing
  • Workers’ compensation administration and claims processing
  • Safety programs to prevent workers’ comp claims, compliance fees, and lawsuits
  • State unemployment
  • Employee benefits administration
  • and much more!


Stop looking down!  Get back to running towards your goals with your eyes on the prize. We can help you get rid of the entremanure. Avoid being snared by common mistakes and pitfalls of owning a business.  If you have already stepped in some nasty entremanure, we can help you get cleaned up and back on your feet again in no time. It’s time to enjoy being a business owner again.

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