Use This California Termination Checklist to Protect Your Business

Man with a beard reading a very thick book. Title - CA Employers know the law & protect yourself form wrongful termination

There are two things that can lead to a company being accused of wrongful termination — a motivated employee and a triable case. Thorough documentation, valid reasoning for termination and treating the employee respectfully during the process will help prevent these situations.

The California Termination Checklist is meant to be used as a helpful guide, not legal advice.

California has some extra regulations on top of federal law that protect workers and their employers. This list is to help you and your company remain in compliance of those laws. Click through the prezi below to explore our tips and don’t miss the link for a free downloadable checklist at the end! We hope it proves helpful if you ever have to use it.

Download the California Termination Checklist here.


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