The 3 Be’s of Employee Background Checks that Your Organization May Not Know

Wondering how your company or organization should navigate the necessity of background checks before hiring a new employee? These three simple ‘Be’s will help you stay compliant and efficient:

1. Be Fair Towards Incoming Employees

Background checks are not tools of discrimination. It is essential to carefully assess and implement them consistently across the board.  You can’t just check one or two employees’ backgrounds and then terminate them for the results.  If you are thinking about implementing a background check policy because you have had former employees of the same sex, race, or age exhibit unfavorable behaviors, and you want to make sure you know everything about them before you hire them, than that could potentially be a form of discrimination.

Check your motives to make sure you’re not looking for something to disqualify an otherwise qualified candidate.  Instead, when reviewing your findings, consider the nature and gravity of the offense or misconduct, the time that has passed since the offense or completion of the sentence, and the effect it might have on the nature of the job being applied for.

2. Be Respectful of Employment Applicants’ Privacy

Don’t pry just so you can have excess information at your disposal for an opportune time.  Make sure that each screening you’re doing is purposeful for that person’s position in your company or organization.  For most people, background checks can make them feel vulnerable, so be respectful of that person and only seek out the information you need.

3. Be Honest with Possible Employees

Never conduct a background check without the signed consent from the applicant, giving you the right to do so.  Let them know what types of information the background check will bring out so they go into it willingly and knowledgeably. Who knows?  They might follow your honesty lead and share more about their background than you could ever find on paper.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is pretty specific lately that background checks should be done in accordance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) prior to employment and the use of such checks MUST be job related. Employers Resource has teamed with a vendor who provides background checks for our clients and is legally compliant on all of their disclosure forms. provides a variety of screening options, and as a client of Employer’s Resource, you can use our promo code ‘eresource’ to get their preferential pricing. Talk to your client service coordinator if you have additional questions before you get started.

Enjoy your work today!


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