Make Sure Your Business Is Compliant with I-9 Requirements

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Form I-9 (the Employment Eligibility Verification Form) is used in the U.S. to verify identity and the legal employment eligibility of yourself and the people you hire. I-9 requirements state that the form must be completed within three days of hiring any employee. Failing to fulfill this expectation will lead to serious penalties.

“Section 274A(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers to verify that their employees are legally authorized to work in the United States.” – SHRM

Read this story of a small transportation employer getting audited and hit with substantial fines.

This is a simple reminder: make sure your business is compliant with I-9 requirements. New hires must complete the form within three days of their hire date. Make sure either you or a trained HR professional is checking the forms to ensure they are accurately completed. And file this information somewhere safe and organized so if you ever do need to prove your business is compliant you will easily be able to provide the documentation.

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