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Here’s Your End-Of-Year HR Compliance Checklist

The end of the year is coming up fast and you might already be in your annual open enrollment period. Before 2020 shows up, you’ll want to double-check on a few things throughout your company. We have updated and expanded our HR compliance checklist with everything you need to help you ensure your company is ready for the new year.

Make sure to download your free copy today so you can finish up 2019 strong and keep growing in 2020!

Our Updated End-Of-Year HR Compliance Checklist

We’ve split up our End-Of-Year HR Compliance Checklist into different areas so it’s a little easier to delegate tasks to departments and staff. Here are the sections we have included and some questions to help you get started.

Human Resources

What do you, your HR department, and your employees need to remember to do before the end of the year? Is everything still up to date?


What might have changed in the last year? Make sure you’re still in the clear.


Are you ACA compliant? Do you know about the changes that have happened since last year with benefits regulations and what adjustments you might need to make to your benefits package?

Do you know your FTE number, how to calculate it, and what that means for your small business? How are you handling open enrollment?


Have you submitted everything you need to for 2019 expenses, or do you have a plan to do so if not? Is your payroll for 2020 planned out? What should you do in order to stay competitive and grow your business in 2020?


Which hiring processes should you evaluate and update and what do you need to be aware of? Do you know where your company has staffing needs for 2020? It’s better to start planning for these needs now than feel surprised by them later.

End the Year Strong with Our HR Compliance Checklist

Click on the preview image or text below to access and download your checklist. We’ve also included a few helpful resources; you can find those links throughout the checklist.

This checklist might not cover every aspect of your individual business, but it’s a good place to start. Meet with department heads to brainstorm other points that need annual review and then use the lists to delegate tasks to each department.

We hope you have a happy and successful end-of-year without any compliance headaches.

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