Worried About Employment Law Compliance?

employment law compliance

Employment law compliance — do you know what your state employment laws look like? There are a lot of details to look at when owning and operating a business. Some that are worth your time, and some that are not. Savvy business owners know how to prioritize what merits their attention and what does not. When it comes to complying with employment laws, we recommend taking those details seriously and dealing with them soon. Very soon.

Here’s a story that helps illustrate why it’s important not to wait when it comes to employment law compliance…

The Story of Peggy

Once upon a time there was a sweet lady named Peggy who ran a small bakery in Boise, ID. Peggy has only had one employee helping her run the bakery for the past five years. She had always worried and wondered if she needed to look into “the legal stuff” that is required when you have an employee in the state of Idaho, but she just never got around to it. In reality, she kind of always avoided looking into employment law  compliance because it made her feel anxious and a little worried to even think about how much money and time it would cost her.

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An Unexpected Visitor…

One day while Peggy was busy working away, the Idaho Department of Labor walked into her doors and handed her a piece of paper. They informed her that the state requires that all employers with one employee or more attain a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Peggy now owed fines for the past three years (as far as they can go back). She learned a $27,000  lesson that day.

Stop Worrying About Employment Law

Learn from Peggy’s mistake of putting it off. It’s better to stop worrying about what you don’t know when it comes to employment law compliance. Even if it means you drop everything until you do know, before its too late.

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