Steering Clear of Uncle Sam’s Watchful Eye!

i9 CSCThe I-9, one of the most common forms seen in the workplace. At first glance the I-9 is so simple it seems impossible to mess-up. Its simplicity however is what makes it more likely to be overlooked. Are you overlooking a simple mistake that could prove costly for your business?

Here Are 3 Easy Things You Can Do as an Employer to Comply With the USCIS I-9 Regulations:


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1) Read and Refer to the Handbook for Employers (M-274)

The M-274 is published by USCIS to help employers better understand the purpose of the I-9. The handbook can be found here


2) Store Your I-9 Forms in One Place; Separate From Other Personnel Files

A three-ring binder with only I-9s works well!


3) Perform internal audits regularly.

Always a good idea to keep things tidy.


**For more information on I-9 compliance, please visit the USCIS I-9 website

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