Discover the Answers to Your Top Employee Timekeeping Questions

Image of an analog clock set to 12:35. Image has a transparent blue filter over itimage of the ebook over cover page. An illustrated chalkboard is in the background. There is text overlay on the image saying, "download your free copy here."

Welcome! Thanks for joining us. This is a quick lesson in employee timekeeping for employers and HR professionals.

Ever wondered if you’re tracking employees’ working hours properly? Do you know your state specific laws or what actually counts as working time in the eyes of the DOL? How do you know if your business is compliant with current timekeeping laws?

In this ebook, Employee Timekeeping 101, we’re going to answer all your questions. Click the image to the right (or this link) to access the free download and don’t forget to share with your employer or your HR staff. 

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