3 Things on the Fed’s Radar Small Business Owners Should Know About [PDF]

Our goal is to help business owners manage their compliance risk and make their lives easier. Nina Clarkson, our in-house expert, has taken the time to create this whitepaper based on her recent Prezi,
What’s on the Fed’s Radar?“. This free downloadable PDF will take a close look at the following:

3 Things on the Fed’s Radar:

  1. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classification
  2. Disciplinary Processes
  3. 1099s vs. W-2s

Make sure you’re classifying your employees correctly. Cover all your bases when dealing with a disciplinary issue. And don’t forget those tax forms! Our whitepaper will help you with it all.

You’ll learn the 9 most frequent reasons for disciplinary action and tips on how to deal with them. Get a copy of tests that the FLSA and the IRS use to classify employees. And read a few real life horror stories from businesses just like yours.

This is one of our most valuable resources for business owners. Click the box below to get your copy of 3 Things on the Fed’s Radar.

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