2016 HR Compliance Checklist – Payroll Edition

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Before closing up shop for the holidays, I’m sure you’ve got a running list of to-dos on your desk. We don’t mean to add to that list of yours… but this could help. This is your end-of-year payroll checklist.

We’ve also created the end-of-year HR compliance checklist, which you can download here. In that checklist are sublists covering most of the HR related areas in your company, including:

    • Human Resources
    • Compliance
    • Benefits
    • Payroll
    • Hiring

If you don’t want the full checklist, here is a sample of our Payroll section, to help you round out that end-of-year to-do list of yours. Here are a few of the payroll checklist items you’ll want to take note of:

  • Schedule and issue holiday bonuses
  • Prepare for the first payroll run of 2017
  • Confirm 2017 payroll schedule
  • Order W-2s and 1099s
  • Review employee wage, tax, and withholding information (such as W-4s)
  • Submit other forms of pay like bonuses or PTO payouts are submitted before processing the last payroll cycle of 2016
  • Encourage all employees to enroll and receive their W-2s electronically, if available

For the full list, download our free checklist here! We hope our resources help make this period easier on you and your team so you can get to enjoying your holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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