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Why Sexual Harassment Training Is Important

Over the past 22 months, people in all walks of life have felt empowered to stand up to sexual harassment and stand up for themselves. It took too long to get this conversation going, but in less than 2 years, our society has taken big strides to make sure employees everywhere are treated with dignity […]

4 Steps to Report a Work-Related Injury or Accident

One of the questions our clients frequently ask is “What steps should I take if one of my employees is hurt while working?”  This question is common because our safety managers do a great job of working with our clients to prevent injuries in the workplace.  As a result, injuries do not happen very often, […]

FMLA Basics for Employers [Infographic]

Here is an overview of FMLA basics for employers. Which employers are subject to regulations? Which employees qualify for the benefits? What benefits are those qualifying employees entitled to? See our infographic below for a quick and easy overview of the Family Medical Leave Act. If you would like a more detailed explanation than these […]

Small Business Week Spotlight: Hollywood Chair

Tom Sullivan and Joanne Chen are the owners of Hollywood Chairs and Totally Bamboo. Hollywood Chairs started off making luxury customized director chairs for the movie industry in the “NoHo” Arts District of North Hollywood, CA.  They began experimenting with bamboo during their quest for a lighter, stronger chair.  Their use of bamboo blossomed into […]