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HR Tip of the Week- Changes to Exempt Classification Could Be Coming

Have You Heard? Changes to Exempt Classification You may have recently heard all the talk about the Department of Labor changes to Exempt Classifications and proposed changes to the salary threshold for exempt employees. It is closer to becoming a reality. The proposed changes on the horizon are: Seeking to increase the white collar salary […]

How to Master the Pre-Interview Screening Process

Now that you’ve written a great job description and applicants are pouring in, it’s time to start the pre-interview screening process. This step is all about finding the most qualified candidates and weeding out anyone unqualified. Select your top 5 candidates based off resume and cover letter. Research them on the internet or by calling […]

HR Tip of the Week – Why You Should Get Return to Work Authorizations

This week’s HR Tip of the Week focuses on Return to Work Authorizations.  Some employers don’t realize that a Return to Work Authorization may be necessary for even the shortest of medically necessary leaves of absence. The Family Medical Leave Act establishes certain medical authorization requirements for FMLA eligible employers who have 50 or more […]

What’s on the Fed’s Radar? Part 2 – OSHA

Here we are, presenting Part 2 of our 4 part series, What’s on the Fed’s Radar? This week we’re talking about OSHA compliance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for Americans by enforcing standards and providing safety training. Sometimes those standards change and we are here to […]

What’s on the Fed’s Radar? Part 1 – FLSA Compliance

Welcome to the first of a five part series by Employers Resource. Are you worried about federal compliance in your business? We are too, so we’ve created this series to help with just that. First on the docket is FLSA compliance. The federal reserve is watching so make sure your employees are classified correctly and […]

Odd Interview Questions Heard from Employers in 2014

There are many reasons employers choose to get creative with interview questions. Maybe they want to test the candidates creativity, or see how an employee reacts under pressure to unforeseen circumstances, or test to see if a person is prone to panic, or how quick they can think on their feet. Whatever the reason might […]

Small Business Week Spotlight: Statewide Service Company

David Siebold is the owner of Statewide Service Company, the business is approaching its 25 year anniversary this year. David is a graduate of University of Texas at San Antonio with a BS in Accounting.  He began working at a small air conditioning company basically as a part time intern during his last two years […]

Finding the Right Words to Point Employees to Employee Assistance Programs

How do you find the right words to point people to our employee assistance programs? Several weeks ago our Employee Assistance Program partner Cascade Centers, Inc. was featured as a useful benefit offered through Employers Resource.  This week we’d like to remind our clients that this plan also offers help to employees who deal with […]