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Protect Your Business with Social Media Policy

One of our incredible clients from Boise, ID recently shared with us this story that hits right at the heart of social media and HR practices.  This story was about an Idaho Supreme Court case involving a nursing home worker fired for a Facebook status update which violated the employer’s social media policy. It reminded […]

Merry Christmas from Employers Resource!

I can’t believe that December is actually here! Some days I’m thinking, “Didn’t we just have Y2K?” Here at Employers Resource, we are very busy getting ready for the end of year and for New Year tasks (like updating tax and benefit rates). We are also celebrating Christmas and being grateful to you for another […]

In the Face of Crisis, Our Team Walks the Walk

Here at Employers Resource, our mission is simple. “…to make the lives of our clients and their employees easier.” That’s not just our “talk.” Let me share with you how my team “walks.” The recent devastation in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey has been truly horrifying, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone […]

It’s All About the Training

My work motto for 2016 is “Training and using the machine in 2016” (using technology better). And we try hard around here to keep training an ongoing event. I am even more determined after witnessing a recent incident. I was flying home and my Atlanta to Salt Lake City was diverted in Denver for a […]

Only the Real Deal

You do know who Marvin Gaye is right? Did I just give my age away? Marvin Gaye was one of my favorite singers of the 1960-1970’s. He was Mr. Motown to me. So what kind of advice does he serve up? “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing”. As I was contemplating how to handle a […]

Take Your Bullet Point and Shoot Me

Oh no, I’ve got to do a presentation… help! O.K., but first, do you remember any bullet point presentations you’ve ever seen?? At a conference when someone walks to the podium and fires up a PowerPoint and begins reading it to us (like we can’t read), what are you really thinking? Did you check-out?

Never Over-Correct, It Causes Accidents

I think this must happen to lots of us.   We’re going along thinking all is well in our American Dream Story when bam… we find something inside our company that is not the way it should be. It’s ridiculous how bad it is. How could anyone have thought to do it this way to […]

Experiencing the Shock of an Employee Fatality [VIDEO]

Going through a traumatic event as a business is the last thing you might think about when starting a business. But, it does happen. The death of an employee is one example of the type of challenging event you could experience. We hope you never have to experience something like this. Watch this video, learn […]

Why I Chose “Defender of the American Dream” as My Costume This Halloween

I have a love/hate kind of thing with Halloween.  Some years I’m all in, and some years are kind of like “yeah, yeah.”  This year, a crazy election season has coincided (yes, craziest election time ever). Given the implications of Obamacare, and this new minimum salary threshold for exempt employees, I decided if The American Dream ever […]