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The Vacation Checklist for Managers

[This piece was originally published in  June, 2018. We’ve given it a light update – just in time for vacation.] Vacation season is upon us, and even though you are the boss, you deserve time off too.  This week, we want to provide you with a handy checklist to use as you prepare to take […]

Classifying an Exempt Employee

What is an exempt employee?  I get this question time and again from my Clients.  Most of the time that question is followed up with, “Well, I pay him a salary so he is exempt.” Who Are Exempt Employees? What does this title of “Exempt” mean?  What are they exempt from anyway? Well, exempt is […]

Protect Your Business from Independent Contractor Misclassification

Independent contractor misclassification is at an all-time high. Questions about the classification of independent contractors are one of the most frequent inquiries we get from our Clients.  It seems that it’s becoming more and more common that potential candidates are asking to be classified as an independent contractor, when in fact; they should be an employee. […]

The Advantages of Multiple Employer 401k Plans (Video)

Considering a 401k plan with Employers Resource? Please watch the following video that provides an overview of the advantages of our Multiple Employer Slavic 401k plans we are proud to offer to our clients. It covers our major advantages like: Outsourced fiduciary Customization options The plan document costs are included Investment platform Investment advice TPA […]