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This is No Ordinary Wall of Safety Awards

Ten years ago this month, Oscar, in Ft Worth, TX became a client of Employers Resource. Over the years they have had their ups and downs, but have always prevailed. Employers Resource has been a huge part of their business throughout those ten years. Oscar and Patsy Oaxaca have worked hard to overcome all of […]

You Won’t Believe How Long This Client Has Been in Business

The business was started in 1922 in the garage of Luke’s great grandfather.  It was then passed down to Luke’s grandfather, then to his father and current owner, Kirk Ragsdale and now Kirk’s son, Luke, has been readying himself to take over the reigns of the business.   It is extremely rare that a business […]

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed HR

Social media has changed online interaction dramatically. Has it affected the way we work, too? This week we want to share a blog post from the APQC Blog titled “5 Ways Social Media Has Changed HR.” Dave Clemens highlights 5 big changes of: 1. How you recruit your people 2. How you manage your people’s […]

Permitted and Prohibited Deductions of Exempt Employees

If you have salary exempt employees, you’ve probably wondered at some point about permitted and prohibited deductions from their pay. This week’s HR tip is from HR Morning which will give you a few guidelines to go by. See also: How Exempt vs Non-Exempt Classification Works The baseline to follow is that the FLSA doesn’t permit […]

Good News for Employers: Narrow Definition of Supervisor

The US Supreme Court has given us a new standard for definition of “supervisors” for employees involved in Title VII claims.  You know Title VII—it’s the Big Five of employment discrimination law. In a nutshell, it makes it unlawful to discriminate against an individual based on race, color, national origin, sex and religion. Title VII […]