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How to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs

Business owners are always watching the bottom line. As long as the company is makes more money than it spends, a business owner can usually sleep well at night. The inverse of this is also true. Unexpected emergencies, increases in material costs, taxes, and labor costs can cause an owner many sleepless nights. A great […]

5 Ways to Stop Distracted Driving Among Employees

As a Safety Guy, my job has made me a road warrior for the last thirty years or so. I routinely log over 70,000 miles annually visiting our great clients. I thought I had seen everything that could occur while driving down the freeway. However, my list got a little longer last week when I […]

Temporary Worker Safety: 4 Tips to Prepare for Summer

Before you know it, school will be out for summer break and thousands of students will be seeking summer employment. When I got my first summer job – back during the Lincoln administration – my employer gave me all of fifteen minutes of training. He basically said “do this” and “don’t do that” with little […]

How to Avoid OSHA Compliance “Scams”

Small business owners often find themselves in a pickle when a new OSHA regulation is enacted. Chances are that unless you are connected to a source that can supply you with the simple facts about exactly what the new rules cover and how they affect your business, you are definitely behind the curve. You may […]

Portable Fire Extinguisher Types and Use

When is the last time that you or one of your employees actually used a portable fire extinguisher? I mean they actually pulled the pin, aimed at the fire, and discharged the contents of the extinguisher at the fire. If you can’t remember ever having that experience, it’s time for a little practice.

How is your Family’s Emergency Preparedness?

It’s two o’clock in the morning and you are awakened by the loud beeping from your kitchen smoke alarm. You jump from the bed and rush to the hallway only to find it is filled with smoke and fire. Would your family react in a manner that would ensure they could escape the burning house […]

Do You Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Recent natural events have created havoc among a number of businesses of all types (including us here at Employers Resource). Hurricanes along the gulf coast and Puerto Rico, devastating wild fires in California and other northwestern states have brought destruction to thousands of homes and businesses alike. Even if a business in the affected area […]

The 10 Most Common OSHA Violations in 2017

Each year about this time our friends at OSHA make a list of the most common violations of OSHA standard for the previous year. Each year I get the list and shake my head in wonder as I see the same common OSHA violations over and over. For as long as I can remember, the […]