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Time to Vote! Do You Have to Give Employees Time Off?

As Tuesday, November 8th quickly approaches, your employee’s might be asking for some time off or adjusted work hours in order to cast their votes. These are the guidelines on voting day protocol according to each state. There is no federal law that entitles workers to time off for voting, however, many states do offer […]

California Updates Wage Theft and Mandatory Sick Leave Forms

We’re here to help make sure your business stays compliant and updated with current laws. Below, we’ve provided California’s new template poster for employer compliance and the revised Wage Theft Notice. This new law requires employers in California to provide up to 24 hours (3 days) of mandatory sick leave to all employees, regardless of […]

7 Tips for Documenting Employee Discipline

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if employees followed all company polices and did there job without complaining?  The truth is employees will break policies you have set and it is your job to properly discipline these employees. When choosing to discipline an employee you need to make sure to carefully document everything to back up your […]