HR Tip of the Week: The Benefits of Alternate Dispute Resolution

ADR TipBenefits of Alternate Dispute Resolution

One of the key services offered to our clients is Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).   ADR includes mediation and/or arbitration to settle employment disputes.  This includes anything from unpaid wage claims to harassment complaints.

The ADR process provides three (3) central benefits to both you and employees:

  1. It’s fast
  2. It’s economical
  3. It’s confidential

See also: How ADR Programs Help Your Business Eliminate Litigation

We hope that you will never need to use this service, but if you do, know that it is here to better protect your business and keep you out of court.

Click here for a helpful Q&A document about ADR or visit this page on our website for more info.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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