3 Employer Solutions You Should Know About

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You’ve probably heard plenty about employer solutions like payroll, bookkeeping, marketing, IT and other services. Maybe you’ve even done your fair share of research on the advantages a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brings to the table? But what about the under-the-surface benefits? The little things that actually make a big difference in your day-to-day life? Here are a few employer solutions that you might not know about but could make all the difference to your business.

Employer Solutions You Might Be Surprised to Learn About

1. ADR

Private employers with 15 to 100 employees are the most common targets for Federal discrimination claims. These claims usually result in the courtroom putting your situation in the hands of a jury. Court trials cost your business money, time, privacy, and company morale.

What can you do to avoid a situation like this?

We have an alternative for employers, it’s called Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Through ADR, we use a two-step process to settle disputes without taking it to the courtroom.

Step 1 – Mediation

ADR uses a non-binding process where the parties involved sit down with a skilled and neutral mediator. The goal is to reach a mutual settlement. Over 90% of all disputes resolve at this point.

Step 2 – Arbitration

In the rare occasion that an agreement is not reached in mediation, either party can request binding arbitration. Then, the parties present their cases to one or more arbitrators who make a binding and enforceable decision. Arbitrated cases are always settled.

ADR programs include disputes such as:

  • Failure to hire
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment complaints
  • EEOC claims
  • Unpaid wages and compensation

2. Employee Savings Club

Businesses are always competing to attract and keep the best employees. A great PEO is aware of that and takes action to help your business stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we provide employee savings programs that boost your benefits offerings. When you show employees their value with perks like the savings club you might experience greater loyalty, increased morale, and lower turnover. These are the programs we offer:

Vacation Savings Club

The first of its kind, this savings club allows employees to create a plan of action that results in the best reward possible, a vacation! A great investment as the annual interest rate earns significantly more than traditional savings.

Christmas Savings Club

The overwhelming success of this plan makes it our most popular employee perk. Like the vacation club, this account earns more interest than most savings options. The Christmas club decreases holiday gift giving stress by helping reduce credit card debt.  

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3. Safety Rebate Program

We’ve developed a safety program for businesses that accomplishes two main things:

  1. Promotes a safe workplace by reducing both the number and severity of injuries.
  2. Reducing your business’ work comp premium by up to ten percent AND earns your business a five percent rebate for reaching six months with no lost-time or late-reported claims.

That’s money in your bank account.

Roughly one-third of our clients have joined this program and most have earned a few or more of these safety rebates. We have many clients who earned over 20 safety awards and even some who earned more than 30!

Oscar Oaxaca, one of our clients for the last ten years, says that payroll isn’t the only reason he still chooses to partner with a PEO. It’s the people on the other end of the phone that make his life easier, from safety to HR, the PEO is there when he needs help. See Oscar’s Wall of Safety Awards here.

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Hopefully you’ve learned about a new solution that you didn’t know about or learned more about one that you did. No matter what your business needs, the employer solutions offered by a PEO company are compelling . The benefits of these solutions will bring top talent, increased engagement, and higher profitability to your company. Don’t miss out on this advantage. Contact us today for a free custom consultation.

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